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      Haining Jishen Solar Energy Technology Co.,ltd Is a modernized hi-tech solar water heater enterprise which is specialized in research and application of solar energy and manufacture of solar water heaters.
    The company proceeds online with the advanced technology and inherits from its managing experience, and is now working in innovative item production. Aiming to the clients, the company has won a great reputation among the clients.
     We have two brands of products ---“Jishen solar energy” and “Fudan Sun solar energy”, with ranks of luxury, intelligence and light-electricity doubleduty. The various sizes of the integration heat pipe models are: 1.5m、1.8m、2.0m and 2.1m. These three types of integration heat pipes are especially distinguished in quality and heating function. Meanwhile, we can afford the design and installation of large and media water heaters for companies.
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Non-pressure solar water heater(JSNP-033)
Solar Water Heater (JSNP-009)
Copper Coil Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Split pressurized solar water heater
Compact heat pipe pressurized solar water heater(J
Split flat panel solar water heater
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