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New tri- element vacuum tube
New tri- element vacuum tube
210cm vacuum tube assimilate the advanced 12 layers of spattering deposition
of trivalent element technology to make the tube has high performance of
absorptance and low reflection ratio. It also can stand up to high temperatures
and perform a strong heating ability. And improve the deposition layer's structure

through add rare metal to enhance the effect photosensitive reaction, the
absorbing rate of vacuum tube up to 0.96. Absorb

Pipeline Connection
Pipeline Connection

It is widely used in the installation of the solar pipeline.

Expansion Tank
Expansion Tank
Closed-loop systems require an expansion tank. An expansion tank has a chamber in which air is locked inside a bladder or diaphragm. It screws into standard 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch threaded plumbing fittings. When pipes are filled with heat transfer fluid (water and glycol), and the operating pressure of the system is set, the fluid will occupy a given volume based on the temperature. As the fluid is heated by the sun, it expands. This is where the expansion tank is critical. Wit
Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger
Heat exchangers are used in closedloop solar hot water systems. They enable the transfer of heat from one fluid to another without the two mixing. Internal heat exchangers are inside the tank and not visible. They can be as simple as a coil of pipe resting in the bottom of the tank, or wrapped around the outside beneath ֮the insulation and cover. As the heated fluid from the solar collector travels through the coil, the heat is passed from the hotter fluid to the cooler potab
glandless pumps
glandless pumps

Pumps are used in active systems, but are not required in batch or thermosyphon systems. They circulate water or antifreeze between the solar collector and the storage tank. The right pump for the job depends on the size of the sy

solar Vacuum tube
solar Vacuum tube

Vacuum tube 




Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC220V10%, power consumption :< 5W
2. Accuracy of tested temperature: 2
3. Range of temperature to be tested:0~99
4. Power of controllable cycle pump :< 800W
5. Power of electric heater:Q3000W
6. Three inputs and two outputs
Main functions
1. Pump cycle function based on temperature difference
2. Preset electrical back up start time. (T
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