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 Solar Collector(JSSC-008)
Product Description:

1. Using a high efficiency heat transfer fin design to conduct the
heat from within the all glass vacuum tube up to the header;
2. Due to the vacuum between the two glass tubes, conductive and convective heat
loss are eliminated
3. The tube is 100% glass, the problem with loss of vacuum due to a broken seal
is greatly minimized, therefore, these tubes perform very well in overcast
conditions as well as low temperatures
4. Non-pressure design.
5. Easy plug-in installation
6. The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heater systems, also
ideal for commercial solar water heating applications.

Vacuum tube solar collector specification:
1. Manifold (interior): Stainless steel
2. Manifold (exterior): Aluminum alloy
3. Insulation: PU FOAMING 50MM thickness.
4. Glass tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.8m
5. Coating of vacuum tube: ALN/AIN-SS-CU
6. Heat preservation: 72 hrs
7. Hail resistance: 25mm
8. Heat pipe: Anti-freezing > -35 degree

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