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 three target vacuum tube
Product Description:

Three-target Vacuum Tube



All-glass concentric coaxial structure

glass material

high quality borosilicate glass 3.3

Outer tube diameter and thickness

=580.7mm & =1.6mm

internal tube diameter and thickness

=580.7mm & =1.7mm

Standard tube length





Sediment Method

Three target magnetron sputtering plating



Emittance ratio


Vacuum tightness

p 5.0 10-3 Pa

stagnation parameter

Y=260-300M2. 0C/kw

Average heat loss coefficient

ULT=0.4-0.6W(M2. 0C)



Hail resistance


three target tube
Product Name: Three-highs vacuum tube
Place of Origin: China
Structure: All glass concentric dual tube structure
Glass material: Borosilicate glass
Outer tube diameter and thickness: 58+/-0.7mm/1.6mm
Inner tube diameter and thickness: 47+/-0.7mm/1.6mm
Length of tube: 1800(+/-5mm)
Construction: Graded AL-N/AL selective absorption coating
Heat-absorbing rate: more than 92%
Emission of heat: less than 8% (80degree)
Vacuum degree: less than 0.005Pa
Solar radiance exposure: less than 2.8MJ/M2
Calories absorption: 9.1MJ/M2
Average heat loss: less than 8.6W/(M3.K)
Pressure-endure ability: 0.2Mpa
Bearing hailstone ability: 25mm in diameter
Lifespan: 15years.
High solar-thermal conversion and low heat loss
Stable advanced coating up to 380
Long time warranty to 15 years
High level vacuum ensure operation under cold weather
Vacuum Tube technology:
Models 47mm 1500mm 58mm 1800mm
Weight 1.35kg 2.29kg
Structure All-glass-coaxial All-glass-coaxial
Double-layer tubes double-layer tubes
Outer tube diameter 47mm 58mm
Inner tube diameter 37mm 47mm
Outer Tube thickness 1.6mm 1.8mm
Inner tube thickness 1.6mm 1.8mm
Material of coating Al N/Al N-SS/Cu Al N/Al N-SS/Cu
Absorptance 0.94~0.96 0.94~0.96
Emittance 0.04~0.06 0.04~0.06
Vacuum P5*10-3pa P5*10-3pa
Stagnation temperature 270~300 270~300
Heat-loss coefficient 0.6w/ m2) 0.6w/ m2)
Bearing hailstone ability 25mm 25mm
Pressure-endure ability 1MPa 1MPa



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