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 Heat pipe vacuum tubes
Product Description:
Product Details
 heat pipe vacuum tube has a low thermal capacity and rapid heat
exchange(it is 1000 times of copper heat exchange speed)
heat-pipe vacuum tube 
 heat pipe has a low thermal capacity, and has rapid heat exchange (it is
1000 times of copper heat exchange speed, so it is an available fast heat
exchanger. Heat exchange rate is up to 99%. The startup is fast, collect solar
energy fully, at 25,5 seconds can startup heat. At the same time, it has heat
exchange unilateralism diode function system, for example: heat energy exchange
is a direct progress from heat absorber to water. But it will not back up or
reversal in the water. Because of matter physics effect in the heat tube and
especial construction of condenser, the biggest work temperature of this system
will be controlled; this particular characteristic ensures the stability under
special conditions.
The solar collector tubes have especially excellent ability of absorbing solar
energy, and the high vacuum they had formed can reduce the heat loss to the
lowest degree, because the selective coating can transfer the perpendicular
incidence radiation and diffuse radiation to the super conducting heat pipes.
The solar collector tubes take on the available absorb solar energy and heat
preservation adiabatic function, even if it located in disadvantage condition,
it also can arrest drain of heat. The heat pipe takes on the transfer solar
energy function rapidly. These optimize combination is superior to any other
ones even if it is located in the uncommon conditions.
Performance Parameter:
      Degree of Vacuum 5103Pa Coating: Nitrided Aluminum
      Absorptivity : 0.93Emissivity: 0.08
      Startup Temperature: 25 CHighest Temp Under Sunshine: 250 C
      Freeze Resistance: 40 CLife 10 Years
      Wind Resistance: 30m/s ( 11 Level)Hailstone Resistance: 35mm
      Material of pipe: high boron silicon glass and copper Weight of single
      pipe 1.25kg 2.36kg
      Size of condenser header(mm) 15 50Size of single

Excellent Thermal function and high working temperature: even in winter times
the rate of heat conduction of solar water heater can be over 55%
All-weather all year round use: no matter in the north or south, even the
temperature be 40 C the product could work normally, it avoids the possibility
of burst of the freezing tubes which have water running in.
Reliability: For no water runs in the tube, no incrustation or burst of tubes,
nor freezing tubes in cold weather, it can work well at? 40 C.
Super heat pipe combines excellent heat absorbability, rapid heat transfer and
long life.
Vacuum tube is made of 3.3 high boron silicon glass tube that owns high
transparency, low inflation and low emissivity etc. The low inflation of vacuum
tubes guarantee no burst in extremely high or low temperature ,and the
capability of resistance to35mm hailstone.
Pressurized capability: 0.6 MPa.
Eight Advantages of  Super heat pipe:
Rapid heat conduction, the speed of heat conduction is 1000 times than the
performance of copper.
High heat collecting efficiency , at least 20% upgrade than common solar system.

No water runs in tube, no incrustation, no burst of tubes even at 40 C.
The medium of super heat conducting has low working pressure, it wont burst when
the pipe reaches 300 C in the summer.
Can be connected with city tap water, the pressurized system work
automatically(Pressure: 0.6 MPa).
Whole system can work normally when single pipe is broken, and no water bursts

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