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 Solar thermal collector(JSSC-013)
Product Description:

The split Solar Heating System is specially designed for residential house and
building .Such System separates the soalr heat collecting unit and the water
tank. The collector can be installed at the sunny facet of a building , such as
roof or sidewall. The water tank then can be installed in house with
convenience. This makes it possible and easier to install the system
aesthetically with original building.
Working Principle:
The pressure pump connects the circulation system between the Solar Heat
Absorption Collector and the Water Tank. When the temperature difference between
them reaches the trigger point , the system automatically starts circulation and
naturally provides the heating water.

Module Design with flexible system configuration. Easy installation and
integration with exsiting building.
Intelligent control of the system operation with the system temperature
Dual Anti-Freeze Protections with thermal media in the circulation pipe and
anti-freeze circulation control.
Possible to integrate with current heating system(electric or gas based) to a
hybrid system to provide water heating and floor heating system.
Go Green on Sunny Day. Take the full advantage of Mother Nature to enjoy free

System Includes: Pressurized Solar Collector , Water Tank, Work Station and
Operation Pressure: 0.6Mpa
Thermal Efficiency:≥55% in Summer, ≥45% in Winter
Thermal Loss: ≤4%
Assistant Electric Heating: 1.5---2KW
Anti-Freeze Temperature :-35°C
Manifold box:

Inner:SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel  0.33MM thickness.

Outer: Aluminium Alloy.1.5MM thickness.

Bracket material:galvanized steel,1.2-1.5mm thickness.

The glistening obliquity:45 degree

Hail resistance:25mm.

Wind stress:180km/h

Heat preservation:72-96Hours

 tube quantity(pcs)  tank capacity(Litters)
 10  100L
 15  150L
 20  200L
 25  250L
 30  300L
 35  350L
 40  400L
 45  450L
 50  500L

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