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 Split flat panel solar water heater
Product Description:

solar panel system

Size(LxWxH mm) 2000x1000x70/80/90(mm)
Total area of collector 2 M2
Daylighting area  1.85 M2
Absorbing area 1.85 M2
Material of cover glass/ thickness(mm) float glass/toughened glass/low-iron ultra white tempered patterned glass/4.0mm
Absorbancy 92%
Pipe port material /size complete copper / 25x950mm
Pipe material/size complete copper / 10x1950mm
Number of riser pipe 7 / 8 / 9bars
Absorber fin/thickness(mm) copper/aluminum(0.15-0.5mm)
Operation pressure 1.0 Mpa
Test pressure 1.6 Mpa
Insulation materials /thickness high-density fiberglass board/3050mm
Back sheet 0.3mm galvanized steel plate or 0.5mm embossed alumimum plate
Material of frame / thickness Anodized aluminium alloy(silver and black color) / 70/80/90mm
Material of bracket stainless steel/galvanized steel/aluminium alloy
Working temperature -34T200

Inner tank material:SUS304-2B stainless steel 0.5-0.6mm thickness,food grade,innocuity.
Outer tank material:galvanized steel 0.33-0.55mm thickness,antirust.

Insulation layer between inner and outer tank:High density polyurethane foaming,50-65mm thickness.

Bracket material:galvanized steel,1.2-1.5mm thickness.

The glistening obliquity:45 degree

Hail resistance:25mm.

Wind stress:180km/h

Heat preservation:72-96Hours.

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